I’ve always wanted my own custom home theatre and wasn’t sure where to start, so I called the team at Kings Electrical to see what they could do for me. They set up and installed everything for me without a hassle. I can now relax and watch a movie in my own house. Great job team!
I recently opened up my own shop and so security was needed asap. The guys at Kings Electrical were at my shop quickly and gave me a quote. I now have peace of mind knowing my products and shop is safe. You won’t be disappointed!
Unlimited thank you’s to the Kings Electrical Experts! I had such a small gap to finish my house renovations off before my wedding and it was so stressful. The guys at Kings Electrical got all of our electrical necessities under control. It was so good to have such a reliable team helping me out in such a small time frame. THANK YOU!
Such a friendly, professional team of electrical experts! I just moved into a new place and wasn’t sure why the lights wouldn’t turn on. I gave the team at Kings Electrical a buzz and they inspected everything with their electrical testing equipment. Got the lights on in no time! Thanks heaps guys

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